05 Jul

QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number +1 (877) 282-6222 is one of the leading technical support team. We are well aware of the accounting software as it helps its users in tracking sales and inventory smoothly easily. QuickBooks can be utilized by adding multiple add-on application that makes accounting process easier. Point of Sale (POS) is one of its best versions. You can activate the version smoothly by following the mentioned steps: 

  • Now open the Point of Sale application
  • Move to file menu and then click on Set up an Interview
  • Click on Payment
  • Now, click on yes button for Debit and Credit Card

After following the steps, POS version gets activated in your system. Although the application works as an amazing version yet you will find a bunch of people falling in the trap of some errors. When you switch on the POS mode, you receive an error message “QuickBooks Point of Sale is not activated”. It is an error code 176104 that appears in QuickBooks POS.

What are the Reasons Behind Point of Sale Error Code 176104

Here, I have listed some of the common errors that are faced by the users, let’s have a look:

  • Due to damaged Entitlement Client Data Files
  • The client copy of Point of Sale system has been started before the Server copy of POS
  • The installation of Point of Sale application was damaged
  • Firewall is restricting the Point of Sale files
  • Internet connection issues in your system

What are the steps to Resolve Point of Sale Error Code 176104?

Solution 1: Update Point of Sale Version

  • Click on Exit from the update
  • Move to Help
  • Now, check for the software
  • Wait for the update to get finished

Solution 2: Register your Point of Sale Version

  • Move your cursor to Help menu and click on the Registration option
  • Register Point of Sale
  • Initiate the Server Copy of POS and restart the Client copy POS

Solution 3: Repair the “Entitlement client data files

  • For Windows 7, 8 and Vista users:
  • Go to the folder of C:\ProgramData\Entitlement Client\vx.x
  • For Windows XP users:
  • Move to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Entitlement Client\vx.x
  • Now, select all the files that you don’t require and then delete them
  • Now, re-open the application and try to register

Hopefully, by following the above provided 3 solutions, you will be able to resolve the point of sale error code 176104. For more information contact QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number  +1 (877) 282-6222.

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